Getting started with Rgis

This document provides examples and practical tips for using R, the free software environment for statistical computing, as a GIS tool. After an overview of spatial data representation and spatial packages in R, the following topics are covered: (i) visualization of geographic data; (ii) accessing geoservices; and (iii) basic analysis of...

11 August, 2013
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Similarity and affine transformations in R

In this post I give an example on how to use my first R package, called ‘vec2dtransf‘, for applying similarity and affine transformations on vector data. Use cases Similarity and affine transformations are useful when integrating spatial data from several sources. It is often the case that vectors from one dataset...

7 May, 2012
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Snapping points to lines in R

Snapping points to lines is a common task when dealing with points that have to be located over lines for some specific reason. One of the most common applications is to locate trajectory data on a road network. As such, it is a georeferencing problem that aims to get enhanced locations...

20 February, 2012
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Puntos intermedios en un arco de círculo máximo

Hace varias semanas recibimos en el foro de GeoTux una pregunta relacionada con el cálculo de distancias a partir de dos puntos definidos por coordenadas geográficas, latitud y longitud. Como el tema es interesante, decidí publicar la respuesta en el blog. La pregunta parafraseada es: Dados dos puntos A y B...

15 September, 2011
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