Instalación y configuración de herramientas geoespaciales FOSS en Windows (actualización agosto 2021)

En el siguiente articulo se muestra el proceso de instalación y configuración de herramientas geoespaciales de software libre y de código abierto en Microsoft Windows, con un enfoque principal a integrar los proveedores de algoritmos o funcionalidades de geoprocesamiento externos en QGIS. Este documento pretende ser una guía básica para instalar...

3 August, 2021
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We have released ‘Load Them All’ v3.3 for QGIS

Changes in this version: Support JP2, KMZ, ERS, and SID files. Use addTabifiedDockWidget to show LoadThemAll panel on top of others. Add support for loading only geometryless layers (using GeometryFilter). Additionally, this version includes a new contributor: Guillaume Lostis. More details of the plugin at https://github.com/gacarrillor/loadthemall

22 June, 2021
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We have released ‘Append Features to Layer’ v1.2 for QGIS

We’ve released “Append Features to Layer” v1.2 for QGIS! In this version of the plugin you can use the processing algorithms via command line (qgis_process)! For example: See the different use cases for “Append Features to Layer”: https://github.com/gacarrillor/AppendFeaturesToLayer/ Thanks to Andreas Rabe for the contribution.

10 June, 2021
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Publicar un servicio de teselas de mapas con QMetaTiles y GitHub

Para realizar una publicación de un servicio WMTS usando simplemente el almacenamiento estático en un servidor Web, es necesario utilizar una serie de herramientas que permiten, en primera medida generar las teselas o baldosas de imágenes y segundo una herramienta que nos permita generar el archivo XML.. Para el primer caso,...

13 October, 2017
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AutoFields plugin for QGIS

This plugin allows you to configure vector fields to be automatically calculated for you when digitizing new features or modifying existing ones. Think about them as triggers in a database or as an automatic Field Calculator. Intro Usage Examples Using AutoFields from PyQGIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Known issues Acknowledgements Donations...

18 August, 2016
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QGIS plugin: “Remove empty layers”

This must be the shortest post ever in GeoTux. It is just for you to know about the “Remove empty layers” plugin that I wrote for Quantum GIS some time ago. The name of the plugin is self-explanatory. It simply removes empty vector layers (i.e. layers with no features) from the...

2 March, 2012
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Load Them All, a QGIS plugin

The Load Them All plugin allows you to load at the same time a number of layers stored in a directory structure, based on a variety of filters you may customize. A few days ago my girlfriend asked me something related to QGIS. She wanted to know whether it was possible...

18 October, 2010
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