Tutorial: Introduction to the DE-9IM in PostGIS

I have written an introductory tutorial of the Dimensionally Extended 9-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) in PostGIS for a Qualitative Spatial Knowledge class. I share it in this post. The tutorial comprises the next sections: 1. Connecting pgAdmin to the server2. Creating your spatial database3. Introducing PostgreSQL databases4. Introducing PostGIS5. Creating tables6. Adding...

14 May, 2011
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PostGIS Viewer for pgAdmin 3

A couple of months ago, Ivan Mincik released a PostGIS viewer for pgAdmin using the Python version of QGIS libraries. I have taken the source code to add some functionality: now, every new layer is added to the same application and the scale and cursor coordinates are displayed. Find a newer...

24 February, 2011
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