We have released ‘Load Them All’ v3.3 for QGIS

Changes in this version: Support JP2, KMZ, ERS, and SID files. Use addTabifiedDockWidget to show LoadThemAll panel on top of others. Add support for loading only geometryless layers (using GeometryFilter). Additionally, this version includes a new contributor: Guillaume Lostis. More details of the plugin at https://github.com/gacarrillor/loadthemall

22 June, 2021
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Load Them All, a QGIS plugin

The Load Them All plugin allows you to load at the same time a number of layers stored in a directory structure, based on a variety of filters you may customize. A few days ago my girlfriend asked me something related to QGIS. She wanted to know whether it was possible...

18 October, 2010
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