Tutorial: Introduction to the DE-9IM in PostGIS

I have written an introductory tutorial of the Dimensionally Extended 9-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) in PostGIS for a Qualitative Spatial Knowledge class. I share it in this post.

The tutorial comprises the next sections:

1. Connecting pgAdmin to the server
2. Creating your spatial database
3. Introducing PostgreSQL databases
4. Introducing PostGIS
5. Creating tables
6. Adding spatial capabilities to the table
7. Adding spatial data to the table
8. Create line and polygon data
9. Displaying your spatial data (Optional step)
10. Topological predicates (from DE-9IM)
10.a. The DE-9IM matrix
11. Spatial operators (Getting new geometries)
12. Creating spatial tables from spatial operators
13. Using topological predicates in WHERE clauses

The tutorial uses the PostGIS-viewer plug-in for displaying the geometries in pgAdmin (but it is optional):

PostGIS viewer plug-in

Download the tutorial: Download tutorial link

License: This tutorial is under license “Attribution 2.5 Colombia”, look it at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/co/deed.en