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  • Grupo de Usuarios QGIS Colombia: Invitación a Asamblea General
    • 2019-05-02 23:37:13

      Hola Oscar, revisa nuestros estatutos y el formulario de inscripción al grupo en Organizamos reuniones técnicas, talleres y capaci...

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  • Load Them All, a QGIS plugin
    • 2018-08-27 13:32:24

      Hi Dean, yes, I plan to migrate to QGIS v3.x Just need to make some time for it. Regards, Germán

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  • Grupo de Usuarios QGIS Colombia: Invitación a Asamblea General
    • 2018-08-04 16:46:11

      Hola hnel, ¿en dónde vives? Nos fue muy bien, asistimos 17 personas y sabemos que el número aumentará, porque nos han contactado varias personas a pre...

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  • Export/Import functionality for AutoFields
    • 2018-05-23 19:15:10

      Hi Ed, have you seen that QGIS 3.x supports attribute updates when editing features? Check that out and let me know if that's not enough for you. Rega...

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  • AutoFields plugin for QGIS
    • 2018-03-04 05:52:27

      Hi John, AutoFields has not beet migrated to QGIS 3 yet. If you want that to occur, consider donating to AutoFields project. You can start adding a ne...

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  • Load Them All, a QGIS plugin
    • 2018-01-15 03:37:43

      Hi babsii, I find your use case very interesting. Could you open an issue (feature request) in GitHub [1] so that I can have this in my TODO list? Ple...

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  • PostGIS Viewer for pgAdmin 3
    • 2017-11-21 18:17:09

      Hi uprego, This is the project I maintained for a while: If you're interested, you can create an i...

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  • Load Them All, a QGIS plugin
    • 2017-06-23 03:11:48

      Ah OK, so that filter does the job for you already. Good! Keep an eye on the issue, I could implement the "inverted filter" during the weekend. Thanks...

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    • 2017-06-22 20:58:44

      Hi B-C, let me know what Alphanumeric filter you're using. Perhaps what you want is achievable with RegExp syntax. Nonetheless, such option (something...

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  • AutoFields plugin for QGIS
    • 2017-04-21 20:02:42

      Hi Vincent, good news for you. You can use the new export/import functionality in AutoFields v0.5.0. See [1] for details. Regards, Germán ---- [1] htt...

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