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Displaying items by tag: Ruteo

Paper and slides of a presentation given in GI Zeitgeist 2012, in Münster, Germany.

Sunday, 23 October 2011 13:00

Qualitative spatial reasoning for routing

The following is a basic algorithm to get routes in a network using only qualitative spatial reasoning by means of SparQ reasoner and QGIS to visualize the result.

Hay un par de novedades en TrasMiSIG: Lo he migrado a PyQGIS, por lo que ahora es multiplataforma, y el código fuente está disponible, bajo licencia GPL.

Published in Desktop GIS

This is an example of free and open source software integration that consists of a geographical application called Tras-Mi-SIG to query and visualize routes in a network of public transport composed by stations and segments.

The English version of the document can be downloaded here. (Thanks to dianatg)


Published in Desktop GIS

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