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Sunday, 18 March 2012 21:52

'Navigation with the Dipole Calculus' in GI Zeitgeist 2012

Written by  German Carrillo
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Paper and slides of a presentation given in GI Zeitgeist 2012, in Münster, Germany.

The following is the abstract of the paper:

We present an algorithm that enables robots to navigate a street network with a minimum of local and global knowledge using the Dipole calculus for qualitative spatial representation of line segments. A constraint-based approach is employed where decisions are made based on relational constraints imposed on possible route alternatives. We also provide a simulation to evaluate the usefulness of the navigation algorithm.

We also provide a Quantum GIS plugin in order to ease testing and replication. The plugin requires the software SparQ, developed by the University of Bremen, Germany. The plugin allows the user to select start and end dipoles and shows logging messages for step-by-step operations and results. The plugin can be downloaded from this link.



You can find the presentation slides at the bottom of this post.

You can download the paper from here:


Navigation with the Dipole Calculus

Presentamos un algoritmo que facilita que robots naveguen una red vial con un mínimo de conocimiento local y global usando el Cálculo de Dipolos para representar segmentos de forma cualitativa. Se emplea un enfoque basado en restricciones en el cual las decisiones se toman con base en restricciones sobre relaciones que se asignan a alternativas en la ruta. También proveemos una simulación para evaluar la utilidad del algoritmo.

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License Creative Commons Attr-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Author Germán Carrillo, Christoph Mülligann Website Homepage Date 18-03-2012 Language  English Filesize 335.17 KB Download 54


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